SUNY Purchase Art+Design Professor in the Window of the New Museum

rachel owens

SUNY Purchase Assistant Professor of Art+Design Rachel Owens will be in residence this weekend in the store-front window display of lower Manhattan’s New Museum.

Witness as she makes multiples based on the experience of losing her Red Hook, Brooklyn home to Hurricane Sandy and the environmental and social factors that caused the disaster. See her on December 1 and 2 as she makes plaster casts of a “meal-ready-to-eat” distributed by the National Guard and inkjet prints on paper and card stock.

Below are details of the works Owens will create for sale. Her effort is the inaugural project of EMA, Emergency Makers Action. Ten percent of the proceeds from her sales will go to the Red Hook-based non-profit, Falconworks Artists Group, a community theater organization with which she volunteers. “They will be so important in the healing process for this neighborhood,” she said via email.

Owens’ is one of a spectrum of “She’s Crafty” projects by inventive women asked to re-imagine the tiny white box window on the Bowery as a space for in-site production of unique editions to be sold at the New Museum Store. The “She’s Crafty” program reconceptualizes the classic storefront holiday window display and welcomes the public to interact with participating artists and their creative processes.

MRE, 2012
plaster cast of meal-ready-to-eat
handed out to artist by the National Guard
following Hurricane Sandy in Red Hook, Brooklyn
5.75 x 8.5 x 2 in.
edition of 50

Do Not Occupy, 2012
4 x 5.75 in.
inkjet print on paper, sold with
envelope print of woven collage
combining photo of the “do not occupy”
sticker placed on artist’s home with
image of an iceberg

Sleep Well, 2012
4 x 5.75 in.
inkjet print on card stock, sold with
envelope print of woven collage
combining photo of the artists bed and
other furniture on the curb after being
saturated by the hurricane surge with a
mattress ad from IKEA which is down
the street from the artists home and
didn’t suffer any damage

Read more about the SUNY Purchase Art + Design program here.

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