SUNY Purchase Professor George Kraemer Named a Top Leader in Westchester County for 2013

George Kraemer

SUNY Purchase Professor George Kraemer, environmental studies and biology, was named one of Westchester County’s Top Eight Leaders in 2013 by Westchester Magazine for his ongoing effort to reduce pollutants in the Long Island Sound.

The magazine identified Kraemer as one of eight Westchesterites “who are looking at our biggest issues and, hopefully, will alter the way we live for the better.”

Dr. Kraemer and several science students have been conducting research to prove that kelp or seaweed can help clean up pollution in the Long Island Sound. “This is an extraordinary project in which we will be part of a diverse team of scientists, fishermen, companies, and students who will share the $443,600 grant to develop a process to remove nitrogen pollution from and restore ecosystem services in North American coastal waters,” said Ronnie Halperin, PhD, chair of the School of Natural and Social Sciences.

“Our participation reflects a growing recognition in the region about the excellence and activism of Purchase College’s environmental studies and other science programs.  We are thrilled to participate,” she added.

Click here to read the full Westchester Magazine article.

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