Subaru Commercial Features Song by Purchase College Sophomore Elijah Wolf-Christensen

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Last summer Purchase College sophomore Elijah Wolf-Christensen released As Tall as the Sun, an EP featuring six of his songs. Little did he know, eight months later, one of them would be chosen for a Subaru commercial. The television spot, called View from the Back Seat, features his song Build These Walls and began airing last week.The Woodstock, NY native and his band, Elijah and the Moon, have been playing gigs around New York City, building a following as they go. They were fortunate enough to play a Communion Presents showcase—the Communion Records label was founded by Mumford & Sons’ Ben Lovett, among others—and they caught the attention of Music Playground, a licensing company. Wolf-Christensen signed with Music Playground and two months later, his song was selected for the Subaru ad.The singer/songwriter is both excited and grateful. “If someone was to tell me while I was recording that song that it would be in a Subaru commercial I would’ve just laughed and turned away. Every time I see the commercial I just remember exactly where I was and what I was thinking while recording it in the studio. It’s quite bizarre but I’m so thankful for everything,” he says.

Renowned music producer and engineer Peter Denenberg, assistant professor of music and coordinator of the studio composition and production program, applauds Wolf-Christensen for his success in gaining exposure for his music as he explains how the industry is evolving.

“We are very proud of Elijah’s ability to pull ahead of the curve, getting his music out there. As our industry continues to find itself, we all are constantly trying to understand how young songwriters and bands alike can find new ways to have their voices heard. Certainly film and television placements have become instrumental in introducing new music to the mass public, whereas in the past commercial music would have been created in-house. We are now seeing more and more band and original pieces licensed for commercial use. Elijah has figured this out early on and we are thrilled with his success this semester! I fully expect more of the same from our super-talented students,” Denenberg says.

Associate Professor of Music Ted Piltzecker, whom Wolf-Christensen regards as a mentor, adds, “Along with his writing and playing talent, Eli is a guy with a steadfast work ethic and a terrific attitude toward learning in general. He is paying careful attention in a stimulating environment. It’s been a pleasure to work with him.”

Wolf-Christensen is looking forward to the summer, when he’ll be able to focus on the commercial work. He’s also recording a new album with his band and can’t wait for his music to be heard. He tempers his excitement, however, with gratitude and humility. “As excited and eager as I am, I’m also constantly reminding myself that it’s just one tiny step on the long road ahead. With an experience like this I must nod, say thank you, and keep working. There’s still so much to learn and so much to do!”

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