Purchase College Studio Production Majors Finish First

shure scholarship

A team of Purchase College studio production majors have won the Grand Prize in Shure Inc.’s Fantastic Scholastic Recording Competition.A panel of veteran recording producers and engineers selected the Purchase recording as Grand Prize winner from among many entries contributed by participating recording schools across the country.Shure will donate nearly $12,000 of much-needed, high-end microphones and other recording equipment to the studio production program and Purchase Studios for their first place finish.

Faculty advisor and lecturer Silas Brown led the team of five production students along with the support of Peter Denenberg, assistant professor of music and chair of the studio production program; both Brown and Denenberg are co-directors of Purchase Studios.

Team members included Trevor Fedele, Pat Linehan, Josh Pleeter, Brendan Willams, and Joe Yonkers, who recorded Purchase studio composition major Sean McVerry and his band Coyote Campus performing McVerry’s song Soviet Union.

“We are especially proud that this was a Purchase-wide effort,” said faculty advisor Silas Brown.  “There are students involved representing our studio production and studio composition departments, but members of the band are also jazz studies, film studies, and new media majors.  We’ve felt for a long time that Purchase is a very special place because there are so many talented students from many disciplines all meeting on our campus. There have been many incredible collaborations born here.  It was very exciting to see this team come together.”

The judges for this year’s competition were Carlos Alvarez, Steve Churchyard, Billy Perez, Mark Rubel, and Zoe Thrall. They evaluated each of the recordings based on their overall fidelity, clarity, and sonic balance as well as creativity in selection and placement of microphones.

“One of the things I liked best about participating in the Shure Recording Competition was having the opportunity to gauge the quality of some of the different recording programs around the country,” says Alvarez, one of this year’s judges from the Hit Factory Miami. “As a member of the National Steering Committee for the Producer and Engineer Wing of the Recording Academy, the quality of students graduating from these programs has been a topic of great interest and discussion.

“This is an excellent competition for many reasons,” Alvarez continues, “but in the end, the winning entries had the best presentations. The presentation submitted by Purchase College was top shelf—an excellent recording.”

In addition to the winning team from Purchase, there were competing teams from University of North Alabama (runner up), Belmont University (honorable mention), Anderson University, Appalachian State University, Berklee College of Music, Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University, University of Miami, and University of South Carolina.

Click here for more about Purchase College studio production program.

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