Purchase College Saves A Life

one marrow donor registry

Last April, the Purchase College Conservatory of Music’s jazz studies program, led by its head Pete Malinverni, co-sponsored a screening of the documentary film More to Live For with an accompanying bone marrow donor registry drive. The event synthesized two hallmarks of Purchase—performing arts and community activism.

We’re thrilled to learn today from the film’s producer, Susan Brecker, that the event yielded a match. The Purchase effort has indeed saved a life. Sincere thanks to all who participated in the event and drive.

Read excerpts from Brecker’s letter below.

It’s my pleasure to inform you that today we learned that the showing of my film, More to Live For, and the donor drive organized last March by Director of Jazz Studies, Professor Pete Malinverni has yielded a match. That means that the Jazz Studies program and Purchase College has saved a life!

On behalf of the recipient of this beautiful gift of life, who must remain anonymous, I thank you for this miracle, wrought of the generosity of spirit and tenacity of purpose I saw on your campus.  As it is written in the Talmud: if you save one life, you save the world. Thank you for helping me in this effort; I am deeply grateful.

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